Newsletter Suscribtion

AINDAC, we are a civil association with more than 21 years of history, during these years,
we’ve contributed to transform the life of thousands of vulnerable children and their
families in a positive way, in Mexico and abroad.

Our Mission Support unprotected children in a comprehensive way and their household through
programs, endorsement and donations that impact and transform vulnerable children or
disintegrated families.

 if you want to change the world, start by transforming a child’s life.


Who do we help?

Vulnerable people

  • Neglected children
  • The children of convicts and addicts
  • Children with disabilities
  • Single mothers
  • Families that are victims of poverty, neglection, addictions, domestic violence


Our Vision: To be a Civil Association that continues to impact in a positive way; looking after and supporting millions of unprotected children in a comprehensive way through  programs and activities. Broadening their vision, values and guiding principles towards their neighbor, community, and the world.