Nourishing with love

To provide necessary supplies to improve the nutrition of vulnerable children.

Family Reintegration

To support disintegrated families throughout the reintegration process of their families.

Violence Prevention

To encourage love, union and respect between each of the family members, and eradicate violence from families.

Vocational Orientation

To boost the development of abilities, gifts, skills, and talents in every child and teenager, promoting his/her full potential to serve to his/her family and to the whole world.

Lessons of life principles

To instill children and adults to live by basic values and principles that benefit family and social coexistence.

Health Brigades

To improve the health of children and adults through workshops, prevention brigades and health care.

Pregnancy Prevention

Prevent teens pregnancy, until they reach maturity and physical, psychological and emotional stability.

Trade training

To train men and women in different trades and jobs, making use of their abilities and skills to achieve their full potential. To promote their productivity for the sake of life quality.

Taken by 4

Seeks to provide comprehensive care to disabled children and their families, which improves the family life.

Emotional and psychological health

To improve their psychological and emotional health through individual and family therapy.

Addiction Prevention

To warn children and teenagers of the terrible consequences that drug abuse generates.

Creation of productive projects

To provide tools for the beneficiaries to create and manage productive projects that allow them to take advantage of their own abilities and skills, in addition to create sources of employment for themselves.